As both a mom and daughter myself, I know how important this relationship is in shaping the young minds of our daughters.  As moms, we truly are the first voice our children hear in their head for many years as they grow and find themselves.  Our childhood can have a profound effect on how we raise our children. 

Sometimes, there are unhealthy cycles that need to be broken in order for both mom & daughter to thrive and grow.  

As daughters, we’re looking to express ourselves as individuals.  Maybe we want to be like our mom. Maybe we don’t, or maybe it is a combination of both.  Maybe we feel like we’re being judged ourselves, not hearing or feeling the part that comes from love.

In working with moms and daughters, I open the door to REAL communication.  

We look at some of the moments & values that have shaped our lives, talk about what we no longer want to keep, get to the heart of our feelings, and teach tools to communicate so when heavy issues come up, we can work through them in a healthy and loving way.  

I am here to help you release the patterns that do not serve you, to forgive yourself and each other for the past, and to MOVE FORWARD AND GROW IN LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING.  

Let’s take the first step towards building a better relationship!