Conscious Communication comes from a place of love, is intentional 

and grounded while maintaining healthy boundaries

Sign up for the Workshop on February 24, from 12pm-4pm

Conscious Communication for Relationships involves heartfelt, intentional communication - the kind that checks our need to be right and ditches the assumptions.

Conscious Communication comes from a place of love, is intentional and grounded while maintaining healthy boundaries. 

Attending the Conscious Communication for Relationships workshop gives you and your partner (if they are able to join) the time and space to work both on yourself and your relationship.

YES - This is just what I need, tell me more!

You can expect an afternoon of exercises, sharing, laughter & love, and even some raffles (who wants a date night?!).

Iā€™m super excited that my husband, Tony will be joining us for this workshop to share some of our experiences together, while also providing that male perspective!

**Warning: This is NOT a b*tch session!** Everything we do is meant to look at what we as an individual can do to improve communication within the relationship. We cannot control the other person. You'd be surprised at how showing up as the best version of you changes the dynamic in the relationship (the defenses start to come down, and we are more likely to be heard & understood).

During the workshop, we will cover the following:

  • ways to reduce the drama in your relationship
  • raise your awareness on how your own story impacts your relationship & how to share that with your significant other
  • learn tools to help you communicate your needs/wants from an authentic & loving space
  • start ditching the assumptions in your communication
  • learn how you give & receive love

**LUNCH will be provided**



Relationships take time & effort. You have to show up in an authentic and loving way.

**You can attend on your own or as a couple! Exercises are designed to be completed on an individual level, and later shared with your significant other.**

Please message me with any questions!



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