What is a spiritual awakening?

It is a unique experience for everyone, but it generally means beginning to live consciously.  

You become more aware of your feelings, thoughts, fears, loves, and many other things, and how they affect you and those around you.  

It is recognizing your power in creating your life - life isn’t just happening to you, you play a major role in creating it.

My own spiritual awakening was a bit scary.  I am an empath, so I feel what/who is around me and for so long I did not know the difference between what was mine and someone else’s pain/emotions.  I also felt energies around me all the time, and it scared me at first.  I did not understand that what was around me had so much to do with where I was emotionally (scared vs. empowered, exhausted vs. whole, etc.).  

Once I started living consciously, was aware of my power in these situations, and got in touch with my own true feelings, my life shifted dramatically.  

I went from being scared, tired, and timid to feeling immense love, peace and strength.  It is a journey that continues for me and will never end.  I am here to help others that are on a similar path.  There is nothing to fear - even the weird shit (you know what I’m talking about).  

It is time to surrender to the journey and find the strength that is already in you, and I can help you do that.