Live your purpose, be connected to your life’s mission, combine that with intentional action and create real & lasting results!

Join the Conscious Entrepreneurship Mastermind

Growth & development (whether business or personal) takes dedication.

Living your purpose, being connected to your life’s mission while combining that with intentional action is what creates real & lasting results!

Joining the Conscious Entrepreneurship Mastermind creates the space, time and inspiring environment to help you TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! 

YES - This is just what I need, tell me more!

It is a 6-month commitment to yourself and to the other members of the group, but one that will deliver results when you continuously do the work. 

Every month, you can expect:

  • 1 meeting per month - with a focused monthly topic designed to continue your growth
    • includes interactive discussions & exercises
    • designed to help all within the group grow together & overcome relevant & related issues
  • Check-in from last month’s topic to ensure progress & accountability & to deal with any blocks to success
  • Time in each monthly session to set intentions & goals for coming month
  • (1) 15 minute check-in call with me between monthly sessions to discuss progress & challenges
  • (1) 15 minute check-in call between monthly sessions with your accountability partner (another participant in the group) to assess progress & discuss issues


$79 per month

Monthly Subscription for 6 months


$395 Paid in Full

Bonus : 1 Month FREE


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What is Conscious Entrepreneurship?

It’s a purpose-driven business.

It’s more than just profits, it’s about making a difference in the world in your own way. It is intentional, it is highly passionate, & it is about doing business on your terms while fully connected to your vision & purpose.

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a highly focused and results-oriented group of like-minded individuals that meet regularly to learn & grow together, while supporting & holding each other accountable.

How do I get additional support?

In addition to my Conscious Entrepreneurship Mastermind, I also offer...

  • One-on-one coaching where we go more in-depth on some of the challenges you are facing, all while ensuring that you continue to stay focused upon your vision and intentionally create your plan forward. I also offer a VIP Day where I come to your location and spend the day with you to fully immerse ourselves in your environment, and work through the issues that you are facing.

  • Staff Development

  • Strategic Planning

If you are interested in additional support, please contact me for more information.