+ What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is different from counseling, mentoring, or therapy. As a coach, I am not here to diagnose or recommend treatment. I work with individuals and groups to identify blocks to having successful relationships (with both yourself and others), managing your daily life, and adjusting to changes in your life (such as with a spiritual awakening). I also provide tools for you to use as you learn to shift your thinking such as meditation, breathing exercises, visualization, and more. I will give you honest feedback (in a kind and gentle way) and make sure we are in touch with what it is you truly want.

+ Do you give free consults?

Yes! Absolutely! I give a free 30-minute consult so we can both decide if this is a good fit. Coaching is such a personal experience, and the more comfortable you feel opening up, the better success you will have in achieving the results you want!

+ How do you conduct sessions?

Sessions can be in-person, by phone, or via video (Skype or Google Hangouts). I usually like our first consult to be in-person or by video so we can better connect.

+ What is a mother-daughter session like?

During a mother-daughter session you can expect to share insights from your individual session about how you feel about certain issues, what you really want out of the relationship, and deciding whether you are both ready to move-on from some of the conflicts you’ve experienced. We are not coming to the session to relive and stay in past experiences. You will also learn ways to communicate with each other and gain perspective on a variety of issues. There may be tears as we communicate authentically from a place of love. I am present to provide a safe environment, to set ground rules for communicating, to act as a mediator and bring understanding to both sides. Those that have participated in these sessions have described them as a calming and peaceful setting, while learning what it is they can change to better the relationship.

+ What is a kids session like?

Parents are welcome to stay in the room with us while we conduct our session. I prefer this so parents can learn the same tools I teach their children and help their children decide what works best for them. Consent from a parent is required to participate in any of the programs I offer. The most important thing to me is creating a safe, peaceful and calming environment. Like other sessions, I do this with music, fragrance (think lavender), and comfy chairs and pillows. I then go over various tools to manage stress, anxiety, fear and frustration. I also work with kids to help them develop their self-worth, rather than looking for their worth from their peers.

+ Do you work with moms individually?

Yes! I do not have a specific package just for moms, but I absolutely work with them one-on-one. I know what it’s like to have mom-guilt, to put yourself last after the needs of others, and to feel like you aren’t good enough. We are all a work-in-progress. I’m here to help you release that judgment and move forward into shining that beautiful inner-light! When you’re at your best, your entire family grows from it. Never underestimate your role!

+ Do kids have to be a certain age to participate?

Generally, kids should be at least 4 years old to participate (though maturity certainly counts so if you think your child is ready, reach out to me via email). How I work with a 4 year old vs. how I work with a teen differs, and I tailor my services to meet their needs. I teach the same skills to all ages.

+ When and how will I receive my meditation?

Meditations are sent electronically within 24 hours of your order. If you have requested a personalized meditation, it will take 48 hours to create and will be delivered electronically once completed. If you need it rushed, I can create it within 24 hours for an additional fee.

+ When & how will I receive other products?

All other products are shipped from Southern California within 24 hours of ordering. I typically use USPS or UPS Ground. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.

+ What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a shift in how you live your life and how you view the world. You begin living consciously and are learning your role in how you create your life and how your actions affect others. It is connecting you with your true self and to the God of your understanding. It is a journey of exploring what truly resonates for you and learning to trust the peace that comes from following that truth, of learning what you need to work on (this can be uncomfortable and even scary for some), and then taking action to do so. It is truly a unique experience for each individual, but in all instances it is crucial to learn how to quiet your mind so you can listen to your heart. My role is to help you feel safe and comfortable in what you are experiencing, to help you set your boundaries and adjust them as you continue to grow, and to help you quiet your mind so you can listen to your heart and enjoy this beautiful journey so you can reach your full potential.

+ How often are workshops offered?

Workshops are generally offered once-a-month in-person and once-a-month online. We can also make arrangements for me to conduct workshops for a group of individuals, or at your school, childcare center, or afterschool program. Simply send me an email with what you are looking for and we can workout the details.

+ Do you do speaking engagements?

Absolutely! I’m always willing to share my personal story to help others. I’ve dealt with fear, anxiety, and frustration. I’ve failed. I’m both a wife and a mother. I’ve made major changes in my life that were scary and came through with faith and perseverance. You are not alone!

+ Jen, I would love some coaching and guidance - this is amazing, how can we start working together?

You fill out the contact page and then we will hop on a call!