+ What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is different from counseling, mentoring, or therapy. As a coach, I am not here to diagnose or recommend treatment. I work with individuals and groups to identify blocks to having successful relationships (with both yourself and others), managing your daily life, and adjusting to changes in your life (such as with a spiritual awakening). I also provide tools for you to use as you learn to shift your thinking such as meditation, breathing exercises, visualization, and more. I will give you honest feedback (in a kind and gentle way) and make sure we are in touch with what it is you truly want.

+ What is Coaching for Conscious Entrepreneurs?

Coaching for Conscious Entrepreneurs is for those individuals that are creating and/or running a purpose-driven business. It combines passion with profits. This is a 6 month journey to building your business. We spend time creating specific goals, planning how to meet those goals, and then executing the plan. We do this while staying grounded in our purpose and working through our blocks to success. People are often surprised at what is holding them back, and how taking a conscious, even spiritual approach can be so powerful and liberating in helping you achieve what you want to achieve.

+ What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a shift in how you live your life and how you view the world. You begin living consciously and are learning your role in how you create your life and how your actions affect others. It is connecting you with your true self and to the God of your understanding. It is a journey of exploring what truly resonates for you and learning to trust the peace that comes from following that truth, of learning what you need to work on (this can be uncomfortable and even scary for some), and then taking action to do so. It is truly a unique experience for each individual, but in all instances it is crucial to learn how to quiet your mind so you can listen to your heart. My role is to help you feel safe and comfortable in what you are experiencing, to help you set your boundaries and adjust them as you continue to grow, and to help you quiet your mind so you can listen to your heart and enjoy this beautiful journey so you can reach your full potential.

+ What about your writing services?

Each writing project I tackle is unique - that’s because I’m all about bringing your voice to life. I help put words to what’s in your heart, while delivering it in an authentic tone that’s true to you. I handle a wide-range of writing projects, from speeches, to website copy, to ghostwriting books. Pricing for each is based on time and the amount of work required to bring your project to life.

+ Do you give free consults?

Yes! Absolutely! I give a free 30-minute consult so we can both decide if this is a good fit. Coaching is such a personal experience, and the more comfortable you feel opening up, the better success you will have in achieving the results you want!

+ How do you conduct sessions?

Sessions can be in-person, by phone, or via video conference (I provide a link at no cost to you). I usually like our first consult to be in-person or by video so we can better connect.

+ How often are workshops offered?

Workshops are generally offered once-per-quarter. We can also make arrangements for me to conduct workshops for a group of individuals. Simply send me an email with what you are looking for and we can workout the details

+ Do you do speaking engagements?

Absolutely! I’m always willing to share my personal story to help others. I’ve dealt with fear, anxiety, and frustration. I’ve failed. I’ve dealt with post partum depression. I’m both a wife and a mother. I’ve made major changes in my life that were scary and continue to work on coming through with faith and perseverance. You are not alone!

+ Jen, I would love some coaching and guidance - this is amazing, how can we start working together?

You fill out the contact page and then we will hop on a call!