The Soulbased Mama Podcast was created by Mama Dre and Mama Jen for all souls that are growing, nurturing, healing and living! We are all about wanting to live consciously, connecting to our higher power and living from a space of love and compassion. Life is a journey filled with challenges, lessons, loved ones and those that push us to be the best version of ourselves.

Every podcast talks about the journey of living as a Soulbased Mama - we share our personal stories in hopes it inspires you to grow, have special guests, and talk about topics that challenge us every day. It’s a real & raw space - no filters. Every podcast ends with a weekly affirmation created just for the topic.

 Join us on this journey of healing, growing & living!


Mama Dre and Mama Jen have known each other for about 4 years. They had met a few times and followed each other - always inspired by what the other was doing. In August of 2018, their paths came together again when Mama Jen was looking for someone to take care of her baby boy who would be born in October. To both their amazement and delight, it worked beautifully for both - divinely orchestrated. Since then, they have become incredibly close and push each other when they need it, respect the space when it is needed, and help each other to be the best version of themselves. That is how the Soulbased Mama Podcast was born… a platform to share challenges, growth, healing, and all while trying to live life to the fullest!

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Andrea “Mama Dre” De Alba is a woman on a mission to make a positive impact on this world… She has a huge heart for helping others, especially mamas in all their beautiful forms. Through the creation of the Mamahood Tee, she raises funds to help put on self-care events, self-care giveaways for moms, and is always finding inspiration for other ways to help moms. She is currently a self-care doula to a mom and is growing herself on the daily. Mama Dre doesn’t shy away from doing the work to heal her past trauma and issues she faces. She is passionate about sharing her spiritual journey with you in hopes that it inspires you to take steps to live your life to the fullest, to feel the stuff you need to feel in order to heal, and to live life with gratitude in your heart! You can stay in touch with Mama Dre on Instagram @themamahoodtee


Jennifer “Mama Jen” Naranjo is a kind and grounded intuitive soul who has dedicated her life’s calling as a life and spiritual coach. Mama Jen is a natural at shifting one’s perspective in the midst of their own personal chaos to a space of love, compassion and empowerment for others and most importantly themselves. You can say she’s the antidote of love. As a wife, mama of two beautiful children, friend, and a mentor, she herself is constantly healing and growing within her own journey and she authentically invites her followers and clients to learn, grow and heal with her by reminding you what you already know - that in this journey there is always peace and light to be found and shared within the chaos.


Christine “Producer Luna” Singer-Luna has been a podcast creator developing Singing Moon Media since 2016, with a goal to elevate people’s voices and broadcast their essence to the world. She is ultra excited to join Mama Jen & Mama Dre on their podcasting journey with Soul Based Mama as she has recently come into discovering her spirituality and connecting with her higher self. For more information visit or

join us on this journey of healing, growing & living!