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Guided meditations transformed my life! I have never been the type to just sit and meditate. I had trouble quieting my mind, so for a long time I never did it. Then, I tried my first guided meditation and I was hooked. I find that it is easier to reach a meditative state and stay in it with guided meditation.

My guided meditations are designed to help you release blocks and then move forward with a set intention.

Whether it be to relax, to relieve stress, to manifest something, or to seek guidance on an issue, all of my guided meditations are created with the intention of bringing you love, light, peace & understanding.  


enjoy these free guided meditations

A Guided Meditation on Creating Possibilities

A Guided Meditation on Creating the Road Map

A Guided Meditation on Releasing Fear & Worries

A Guided Meditation on Identifying Blocks

Want a guided meditation created just for you? Please contact me with your special request!

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