Hi!  My name is Jen and I’m a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach!  

I have been married to my amazing husband for 10 years, and we have been together for 20 (we are high school sweethearts).  We have a beautiful daughter together who has truly changed our lives for the better (cliche, I know, but it’s the truth!)  Some of the things I enjoy doing are tending to our humble garden (we have all organic, non-gmo veggies and fruits), traveling and seeing the world, and being creative.

My passion and mission is helping others.  I LOVE helping people come into their own by guiding them to find peace and strength within themselves.  I’m especially focused on helping moms and daughters, children, and those that are on the path to spiritual awakening.  Each of these areas holds a special place in my heart because of my own personal experiences with each (we all have our own unique journey to live).

They say our children are brought to us to teach us the most important lessons in our lives, to show us what we need to work on, and of course we are there to help shape and mold them, too.  I’ve come to realize and embrace that parenthood is not a one-way teaching relationship.  The mother-daughter relationship is so sacred.  I remember my own mom telling me about how my birth was such an incredibly powerful time for her as an individual.  When my own daughter was born, it was a huge catalyst in my spiritual awakening.   Prior to her birth, I had a lot of fear and anxiety around some of the things I had experienced.  I also saw myself as a victim of my life, instead of the co-creator of my life.  I had not yet learned to use my voice, I was still speaking the voice of what others wanted me to do.  My daughter came as this pure being of light and love, and she opened my eyes and heart to what really matters.  I vowed to help her keep that pureness and teach her that she can co-create her own life.  She is not a victim of her circumstances, and above all that LOVE is the answer.

To teach my daughter this, I had to BECOME THIS!  My journey has been long and full of challenges and lessons (much like everyone in this world), but my challenges were actually blessings in disguise that all contributed to my growth as an individual.  I have had to learn tools to quiet my mind so I can listen to my heart.  I have had to surrender control to gain back the power in my life (yes, a paradox, but so rewarding).  I will forever be a work-in-progress and never want to stop growing in this journey.

God has a way of guiding us along our path, and I have found that my purpose is to work with moms & daughters, children, and individuals on the path to spiritual awakening.  

I send you LOVE, LIGHT & PEACE on your journey and leave you with this beautiful prayer:

May the long time sun

Shine upon you

All love surround you

And the pure light within you

Guide your way on.